Collections Worth Adding to Your Wardrobe

The best of Cat's Pyjamas pull-on & high rise pants.


Browse our elegant collections that you can wear anywhere. They are designed to boost that inner confidence that lies inside you. Be yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and show the world who you are with a unique style that sets you apart from the crowd.

Your wardrobe shouldn’t be filled with too many clothes. We believe in the minimalistic approach to wardrobe management. All you need is our timeless pieces of clothing to complete your wardrobe. We sell pieces of clothing that you can mix-and-match. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. Fashion means nothing if you don’t have confidence. So you just need two things, the unbreakable confidence and our classic clothing line to make every street your stage.

Showcase Your Personality

Your outfit should represent you. Don’t try to follow the trends of citas internacionales, be yourself. It doesn’t matter what kind of personality you have, thecatspyjamas has something for you. We even have collections to represent your mood for the day. Isn’t that amazing? We embrace individuality. Everyone can be a model in their own ways. We don’t pay enormous fees for models to advertise our collections, because our collections speak for themselves. And since we don’t go for the usual way of advertising, we can offer better prices compared to online shops like lazada and zalora. You can shop using promo code coupon and vouchers on products, so you can shop for more.


Get The Right Fit the First Time

One of the things that scare us away from buying online is getting the wrong size. You don’t have to be scared anymore. Our sizing chart is always accurate. You just have to know your size, choose the right size before you hit finish, and you can get the right clothing you deserve. If by any chance something is wrong, we don’t leave you there hanging. Contact us and we’ll make it right.

Unique Styles

You owe it to yourself to be confident. You deserve it. Here at thecatspyjamas, we are not afraid to be adventurous in our designs. You’ll get basic clothing with some unique touches that will make the whole outfit unique, eye-catching, and stylish.

Fabrics that Last Long

We know that our collection would be your favourite. We are sure that you’ll love them, so we want our collections to last long. What’s the trick? We choose fabrics that are comfortable yet can last long. Make the most out of your money, shop online with thecatspyjamas.

Enjoy Special Discounts

Ready to purchase clothes? If you get the whole collection, you’ll get them with special discounts from groupon promo code budget. Our clothes are designed to be mixed and matched. A collection can make a lot of outfits. So, you no longer need to worry about your OOTD, because we’ll make it easier for you.