About Us

We Bank on Individuality

Our company is founded with this idea in our minds that every one of us is unique and is special in our own ways. We started with that idea that these clothes we sell will represent individuality. We aim to design clothes that are wearable yet stylish enough to boost your confidence no matter where you go.

Revolutionizing E-commerce

The Cat’s Pyjamas audacious goal is to revolutionize e-commerce into an honest and customer-centered industry. We know that in order to win, we have to start small. Our online shop is growing. From 20 collections, we now have a hundred collections to choose from. Our team is also growing. Every staff in our organization carries our brand, a brand you can trust.

Emma Langenkamp


I’m Emma. My dream is to become a fashion designer since I was a little girl. I stretched my wings and flew even I had no idea where this journey will lead. But I made it. I became the person I want to be. Don’t let the hindrances of life make you think small, shoot for the stars no matter how far you think they are.